Galya Tarmu is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her solo exhibitions include:

1999 Museum of Art, Ein Harod

1993 Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan

1985 Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1983 Bryant Cunningham Gallery, Venice CA

1980 Art Space, Los Angeles CA

1973 Lois Ziff Brooks Residence, Los Angeles CA

1970 Riva Yares Gallery, Los Angeles CA

1968 Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1950 Bertha Lewison Gallery, Los Angeles CA

1947 American Contemporary Gallery, Hollywood CA

Museum collections:

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Jewish Museum, New York

Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Main group shows:

LACMA, San Diego Museum, Mann Gallery, San Francisco Museum of Art.


2010  Jean Chatoff “The Heart of the Matter: The Art of Galya Pillin Tarmu”
1978  Elaine Attias “Settling Scores”
1977  Henri Temianka “On Music”
1975  Leland Frederick Cooley “The More Things Change”

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  1. I have several lithographs by Galya and look at them everyday! One in particular “The spectator & the actor” is hanging in my bedroom. I love it!
    Thank you Galya… RIP

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