From the very first, my painting has always been about connections. It is connections that lead to inevitable outcomes in my work and finally to a sense of ‘thereness’ that I am hoping to create.


But today is about ‘hereness’ – for the first time I want to express what the act of making art means to me.  I’d like also to put into words my response to the art of others and with a little luck get a conversation going about what art is and isn’t and what artists throughout the ages have given us.

I suspect that working with words will be a lot like painting in one respect – no matter what I see and want to do, when I finally get there in painting I actually wind up with something different.

So, welcome.  Let’s talk.

6 responses to “DAY ONE

  1. Hi Galya,
    I have learned so much from you about art. About your art,
    about my art, and about the history of art. I have learned about working with a Model from you, about teaching, about believing in ourselves as artists. I love your great humor and passionate deep reavealing about art life and art.
    I always love showing you me work and the depth you see in it and
    point out to me what is good and best in my work, because you always say everything I do is good, so I can

  2. Your paintings are lush and make me feel warm – no matter what the subject.
    Making things, having a product is why I dabble in art and words and lots of other stuff, I suppose. This is a good ideal.

  3. When I look into your paintings I am transported into a world of love and family. Truly an intense warm intimate view all places and times I’d love to be included in or invited to. I’m very sure that these will bring joy to many eyes down the generations. Bravo.

  4. Galya’s paintings have life. Kind of organic, natural, fresh air, the feeling of the morning light on the world. You want to hang them near you, near your favorite place, like beautiful nature in your home.
    Of course the draughtsmanship, color, textured layers, the worked to the final moment feeling but still left fresh, all problems solved, great color actually, and then it is the family, yet Galya does great still lifes as well, this all happens no matter of her subject.

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